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shut the window love [entries|friends|calendar]
thee best deception

she had a history of killing herself.
i had a habit of dying.
i think she gave me something to live for.
i guess i helped her pass her time.
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.access denied. [Friday
March 5th, 2004
[ mood | accomplished ]

hey look, if you randomly add me.. i WON'T add you back! so comment here and let me in on your plan and i'll add you right back jack. i'm not a big fan of friend cuts.. so if that's you then don't add me cause i don't have the time to see who unadded me. i don't have a lot of time to read and comment so therefore if you make friend cuts cause people don't read and/or comment then DON'T add me cause sometimes i just don't get time to do it!
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